Our ambition


Veerle’s grandparents started a farm on the property. Later on, Veerle’s parents ran a strawberry farm for many years. Their passion for agricultural culture is now reflected in the exclusive Hereford cattle that reside on the domain.

The vines in the field are accompanied by some rare wild birds, including the marsh harrier and the cuckoo but also birds of prey, as well as other animals such as rabbits and hares. A few moments are enough to understand this wonderful connection between wildlife and landscape.

The acres of the wine estate can be counted on the fingers of both hands. So few vines that we could call each one of them by their first names, tended to one by one with endless precautions until harvested, their grapes perfectly ripe. Here are no herbicides or insecticides used.

All this effort for a few hectoliters of wine. No “garage wines” are being produced here, but rather “niche wines”, the progress of which is being measured with each vintage. All this to whet the enthusiast’s appetite to try these extremely refined West Flemish wines.

A modern vinification building was installed in 2019 and in its extension a second building to store the agricultural equipment.

In 2020, installation of a cellar where the wine barrels rest at a constant temperature and zith the right moisture content. There is also a tasting room with a view of the maturing barrels.

The intention is to offer sparkling, white and red wines on the estate itself.

The wine estate focuses on the experience of wine: tastings, wine events, play area in the vineyard for childeren,…